If you’re going through hell, keep going. (Winston Churchill)

It was one of my favorite quotes from Mr. Winston Churchill.
Keep going. Carry-on. Continue.

It said that where ever you are, what ever you do, you have to keep moving on, never stop trying, never giving up. Until you achieve what you’re looking for.

Not only when we’re in the bad situation that we have to move on and find a beter life, but even when we are in the comfortable zone, we have to keep moving. Life is a journey. So, let’s keep going.

There were several times that I sat down with some friends, and we started to talked about our job.
Each of us seems trying so say how desperate our worklife, because of boss, because of salary, because of responsibility that not as expected. But somehow here we are, still there.
Do we have the courage to move from where we are, if we are not happy with what we have in our plates.
It’s our choice after all. If we choose to stay where we are now, than we have to get ourselves adapted. Find ways to make our life easier, and make other people’s life aswell.
So, keep going 🙂