Don’t wait. The time will never be just right. (Napoleon Hill)


It’s been almost two months since me and my lunch gank (a group of 4 working moms who each wanted to gain something more in life) decided to do some exercise (better late than never).

A mall across the office building host the most hype sport club in town. Not only we’ll find celebrities hang around with sport gear, but also the healthy living employees work in the building most probably will spending their time after (some before) work there.

Here we are, made up our mind to have more balance living. Which for us means reducing working part of life and trade off with some more fun activities, sport at this stage.
It was tough to get ourselves close the laptops at 5 and walk to the sportclub. It was always something else. Emails. Pending tasks. Meetings. This and that. Everything. Especially if the boss still at the office.
Worried that the boss might need me later, and call upto my desk while I’m already in my sport shoes.
Eventhough the working time ended at 5 (I’m not sure it’s written somewhere though), but since at our floor everybody seems love to work till late (or they just waiting for the traffic to be more friendly later).
But, I have an appointment. A commitment with myself. And that’s very important. Decision have been made, I wanted to start now to live a healthy life.

Don’t wait until you thought the time has come. Cause the time will never be just right.