A post graduate and a baby

I finished my degree after 6 years in college. I believe I’m not less inteligent. Usually my fellow campus activist would finished longer. I’m not one of them. Or maybe because I’m also a partime worker? Or maybe because my close friends also still hang around in campus so I was kinda carried away. I didn’t setup my own target when to finish.

Totally different with this graduation I’d like to share with you. It’s about graduate breastfeeding. It’s commonly used by breastfeeding mom who succeed to breastfed their babies without helping of infant formula, upto 1 year or age.
Definetly not easy! Not easy to graduate from this exams. I have no role models I could follow. Many friends giving ups. But I believe I will passed through. This time I setup strict target for myself. I have to succeed, and graduate gracely.
Even to passed the first stage was very hard (6 months exclusive, only breastmilk!) As a fulltime working mom in Jakarta. I got my ups and downs. Mostly downs. Busy. Pressure. Anything to affect my milk productivity. Most of time I have to do breastpump crying myself in the toilet because the output is very low.. Not enough.. Not enough..

What kept me stands still. A cute little handsome baby waiting for me at home.. Dominico is waiting for me at home.. Only with this breastmilk made me a full mom for him.. Thats all he needs. I can’t stay with him allday like his granma. I had to leave him most of time working. I’m not that hillarious to playwith like ayah. I can’t even hold him to fall asleep. But I can feed him best. My breastmilk is the only choice. To grow him perfectly smart, complete and healthy. This time I will succeed. I will passed through. And I did. Nico, we both graduated.. (Jakarta, August 15, 2011)